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Remove expired certificate from Windows

Issue: You need to remove old or expired SSL certificates from a Windows based system's personal certificate store. Solution: Open the personal certificate store and delete the old/expired certificate. 1) Start > run > MMC > select add snap-in > select certificates > Select local computer 2) Expand Certificates, expand Personal, click 'Certificates' inside Personal 3) Right click the certificate you'd like to remove and click delete Read more [...]

IIS using old certificate

Issue: you have completed the installation of a new SSL cert on IIS however the server is still serving the old certificate rather than the new one. Additional factors: IIS appears to 'cache' the old existing certificate, even if you delete the old cert from IIS Manager or you delete the old cert from the personal certificate store on the server. Solution: I've found a solution which does not require re-starting IIS or other downtime, which is to manually specify the certificate that should Read more [...]

IIS manually specify new ssl cert

Issue: you need to manually specify a new certificate in IIS Background: by default IIS picks the certificate it think is best, in some cases this could lead it to choosing an old cert or a self signed cert rather than the cert you would prefer) Solution: Manually specify your preferred SSL certificate for the Default Website or whichever IIS Website you would like to assign your certificate. 1) Open IIS Manager, expand the web server, expand sites 2) Right click Default Website or the website Read more [...]

How to delete old ssl certificate IIS

Issue: you need to delete an old or expired certificate from an IIS Web Server (IIS 7 through IIS 8). Solution: 1) Open Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager 2) Select Web Server > Click Server Certificates 3) Right click the certificate and click Remove The above steps will remove the certificate from the server's personal certificate store.  It's important to note that your IIS server may still be serving the old certificate despite it being deleted. Read more [...]

Convert PEM certificate.cer and private.key to PKCS#12 (.pfx .p12)

Issue: You need to create a composite .pfx certificate file package. Background and pre-requisites: The first steps in your journey should have been to create a certificate request, submit this request to a certificate authority (CA) like GoDaddy or Comodo, and finally download the completed certificate from the CA. The following steps assume you have successfully downloaded a certificate package from your certificate authority. The following example command shows what to do with all the files Read more [...]