Clear ARP Cache Brocade

To clear the entire arp cache on Brocade Switches, do the following:

  1. Telnet into the switch or switch stack (Putty is my preferred telnet client)
  2. type “enable”
  3. enter the command: “clear arp”

I believe this will clear not only the current switch but the arp table of the entire brocade stack.  I have occasional severe arp issues on a brocade stack at one of my customers, the above is the first step that I attempt but it generally does not resolve the issue and a reboot of the stack is required.  They have had this issue on 7.x and 8.x firmwares, and I’m pretty disappointed by the product at this point, given they have a completely vanilla setup, no VLAN’s, no routing etc, just a basic access switch stack.


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