Brocade Issue: My priority is not equal to standby priority. abort

Issue: when attempting to reload the active switch in a brocade switch stack you receive the following error: “My priority = 128 is not equal to standby priority 100. abort”

Solution: you must reduce the priority on the Active switch to a priority below one of the standby switches, this will automatically transfer the active roll to one of the standby switches. Note: alternatively you could raise the priority of one of the standby switches to a priority above that of the current active switch.

device# configure terminal

device(config)# stack unit 1

device(config-unit-1)# priority 128

In my case I used the command “priority 99”, to reduce the priority of the active switch below that of one of the standby switches.

This change will take two minutes to complete, you will then be able to observe that the switch that was active is now in stanby mode and a reload is now allowed.


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