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remove wifi network with terminal on mac

Issue: Your mac always auto-connects to xfinitywifi and you can’t easily remove it because you have hundreds of wifi connections in the list on your mac.

Solution: remove it with terminal using the following terminal commands:

networksetup -removepreferredwirelessnetwork en0 xfinitywifi

You may will need to use “sudo” to elevate your permissions.

Brocade Issue: My priority is not equal to standby priority. abort

Issue: when attempting to reload the active switch in a brocade switch stack you receive the following error: "My priority = 128 is not equal to standby priority 100. abort" Solution: you must reduce the priority on the Active switch to a priority below one of the standby switches, this will automatically transfer the active roll to one of the standby switches. Note: alternatively you could raise the priority of one of the standby switches to a priority above that of the current active switch. device# Read more [...]

Clear ARP Cache Brocade

To clear the entire arp cache on Brocade Switches, do the following: Telnet into the switch or switch stack (Putty is my preferred telnet client) type "enable" enter the command: "clear arp" I believe this will clear not only the current switch but the arp table of the entire brocade stack.  I have occasional severe arp issues on a brocade stack at one of my customers, the above is the first step that I attempt but it generally does not resolve the issue and a reboot of the stack is Read more [...]

How to change IP Helper setting on an HP switch

After a recent change in DHCP servers, we had to update the IP helper setting so that workstations and phones on other VLAN's could get DHCP addresses (they were getting 169.x addresses after changing DHCP servers).  Here is an example of the procedure: Portland core switch (all their floors trunk into the core switch): enable config term show ip helper-address vlan 2 ip helper-address show ip helper-address no vlan 2 ip helper-address show ip helper-address Did Read more [...]