Basic Setup of Aerohive AP and Guest Network

Unbox and plug in the Aerohive Access Point (AP)
AP will phone home to Hive Manager online
Devices > All Devices > Add Device
Enter the device serial number
AP will associate with appropriate Hive Manager Instance

In the meantime lets create the Network Policy:
Select Guided Configuration
Create new Network Policy
Check ‘Wireless Access’ checkbox

Create SSID:
Click Choose next to SSID
Input Profile Name and SSID name
Seled SSID Access Security type, in this case WPA/WPA2 PSK(Personal)
Enter Key Value which is the WPA key
Splash page, select captive web portal
Click Choose again to confirm the SSID you created is selected

Click Authentication to create new Captive Web Portal
Enter name, in this case “Guest-CWP
Registration type: Use Policy Acceptance
Select Captiev Web Portal Success Page Settings,
Enter an external URL you would like them redirected to after the success page.  Or select no redirection or redirect to previous page the user was trying to go to

Associate a Profile, and create a guest access Profile:
Click User Profile and then clone the Default Profile
Click User Profile to select the new Profile
Expand Firewalls, IP Firewall Policy, select “From-Access” drop down and select ‘Guest-Internet-Access’

Aerohive Pricing options (what you need):

Cloud Managed:
Cost for each AP and one license per AP
License gives you support, upgrades and lifetime warranty on AP

Onsite managed:
Buy Hive Manager
A license for each AP
At least one year support
Cost for each AP


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