Exchange 2013 CU16

CU16 will likely be released sometime in February or March of 2016.   While Exchange CU15 introduced support for .NET framework 4.6.2, CU16 will allegedly require .NET framework 4.6.2.  We will add additional details as we speculate as to what features and notable fixes CU16 will include.  At this time Exchange 2013 CU15 is the current version of Exchange 2013.


2 thoughts on “Exchange 2013 CU16

  1. Jim

    Great site, lots of useful info. It’s these great articles that really help us admins out!!

    Did you stop posting about Exchange 2013? I was reading up on your CU posts and they were great. Looks like you stopped at CU15. I’ve been reading and it seems .NET version is very important when going from CU15 to CU16.

    Maybe I’m just blind, but I can’t find any posts after CU15… :(

    1. Chris Harris Post author

      Hi Jim, thanks for your compliment, I’m glad you’ve been getting value from the articles. I’ve been busy with projects and fell a bit behind on CU update articles, would you like to guest post about CU15 or CU16? Opportunity to become an internet star! : )


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