Exchange 2013 CU15

Exchange 2013 CU15 was released on 12/12/2016.  Here are some key CU15 tidbits:

  • CU15 fixes the public folder indexing issue that was introduced in CU13 and CU14.  If you were either CU13 or CU14, Microsoft advises you move your Public Folders to a new database to ensure the contents are indexed correctly.
  • CU15 supports .NET framework 4.6.2.  You are note required to upgrade .NET for CU15, however the next CU, CU16 will allegedly require .NET framework 4.6.2.
  • On new installations of Exchange using CU15 media, the desktop experience is no longer required to be installed as a pre-requisite.  Instead Media Foundation can be installed in it’s place, this gives a smaller/simpler Windows Server footprint.

Once you’re ready to get started, go ahead and download CU15 the latest version of Exchange 2013.


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