Move Mailbox error: IExchangeFastTransferEx.TransferBuffer failed (hr=0x80004005, ec=-2147467259)

Issue: Moving mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 Fails:
MapiExceptionCallFailed: IExchangeFastTransferEx.TransferBuffer failed (hr=0x80004005, ec=-2147467259)

Attempted Resolutions

Skip the corrupted messages: Set maximum messages to skip to 5

Message/Size Limits: Removing any mailbox size or message limits from the mailbox and target database.  For good measure, try removing size/message limits from source database as well.

Clean the reminders, finders, views, freebusy and reset the TodoBar using Outlook /switches

Mailbox Repair:
New-MailboxRepairRequest -Mailbox jone.doe -CorruptionType ProvisionedFolder,SearchFolder,AggregateCounts,Folderview -Archive
Note: remove “-archive” if the user doesn’t have an archive on the server.

Additional solutions attempted:
To-Do Bar broken after mailbox force migrated (-badlimit specified).
Mailbox migration fails at “/reminders”.

Conclusion: I had this issue on over 200 mailboxes during a recent migration and was not able to resolve it and we are resorting to EXMERGE for the time being. I will keep updating this post updated as I try resolutions and especially if I find a solution.  PLEASE (!!) if you find a solution to this issue contact me or post it in the comments.


One thought on “Move Mailbox error: IExchangeFastTransferEx.TransferBuffer failed (hr=0x80004005, ec=-2147467259)

  1. jimmy

    bullshit error, encountering the same with a client on exchange 2003 trying to migrate to exchange 2010 (then to 2016, then 2019) they have left it a long time granted, but still this error is on 1 mailbox of 50, the other 49 have moved seamlessly


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