Mailbox migration fails at “/Reminders”

Issue: The Exchange move mailbox process fails at “/Reminders” on one or more users mailboxes

Solution: cleanup and remove corrupt Outlook data preventing mailbox from Migrating
1) Connect to the problem mailbox using the MFCMAPI tool
2) ‘Hard Delete’ the TO-DO Search Folder, close MFCMAPI
3) Run “Outlook /cleanfinders”, close Outlook (see using Outlook’s clean /switches for the complete commands)
4) Run “Outlook /cleanreminders”, close Outlook
5) Run “Outlook /cleanfreebusy”, close Outlook
6) Run “Outlook /cleanviews”, close Outlook
7) Cancel the previous move request and move the mailbox again

If migration still fails, try these steps:
1) enable permission inheritance in AD



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