Firefox security error when visiting the NCRS National Credit Reporting Service

When using the National Credit Report Service Website (, or the Matrix System you may receive a security error in FireFox “Secure Connection Failed”.  This is due to the SSL Certificate in use being SHA-1 and no longer accepted by FireFox 36 and above.


In order to accept the certificate in use by NCRS, we need to set FireFox to allow older certificate versions:

1) In the firefox address bar type: about:config

2) click “I’ll be careful I promise”

3) Search for: security.tls.version

Note: Be very careful, do not double-click on any of the values in the list as that will change them from true to false.  A modified setting in the list will show as bold after it’s been modified.

4) right click “security.tls.version.fallback-limit” and select Modify

5) Change parameter from a 3 to a 1, and click OK

6) Close the browser tab with the list of settings

7) Test by visiting again:

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