What’s new in Exchange 2016

Microsoft will be releasing Exchange 2016 during Q2 or Q3 2015. Teams, efficiency and information management (compliance, archiving, etc).

Here are some of the main issues and solutions offered in Exchange 2016:

  • Issue: sending attachments causes versioning issues and confusion
    Exchange 2016 Solution: 2016 will offer a new approach to dealing with attachments and collaboration, making sending links easier and managing versioning easier.  I always felt like many companies use Exchange as a de facto document management system.  That could be very cool if Microsoft embraces this and build group collaboration on the document level into Exchange 2016
  • Issue: Search in Outlook has always been cumbersome and limited
    Solution: Search speed and intelligence will be improved
  • Issue: Third part eDiscover solutions were often used in order to augment the built in eDiscover and legal hold features in previous versions of Exchange
    Exchange 2016 Enhancement: eDiscovery search performance will be improved as will the dependability.  Interesting what this may mean for third party vendors like Zaproved.

Some of the other improvements in Exchange 2016:

  • Improved API’s that will aid in mobile development

To be continued…


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