how to move remote desktop licenses to new server

Issue: You need to move the Remote Desktop Licensing from an existing Remote Desktop license server to a new server.

Solution: You must deactivate remote desktop licensing on the old server and then move/configure remote desktop licensing on the new server.

  1. Document the configuration of your existing license server and your RD Licensing environment, including:
    • The quantity and type (user/device) of Remote Desktop CALs that are installed on the license server.
    • The Remote Desktop Session Host servers configured to use the existing license server.
    • RDS CAL purchase agreement documentation from the Microsoft licensing site
  2. Install the Remote Desktop Licensing role pre-requisites on the new RD Licensing Server.
  3. Install the RD Licensing role service on the new server.
  4. Activate the new Remote Desktop License Server.
  5. Open Manage RDS CALs Wizard in Remote Desktop Licensing Manager and Migrate the RDS CALs from the existing license server to the new license server.
  6. Configure the RD Session Host servers to use the new license server by changing Remote Desktop Licensing Mode.
    Note: clients that have received a license from the old RD Licenscing server will continue to operate until the issued license expires, at which point the client will request a new license that will be issued by the new license server.
  7. After you have confirmed that the RD Session Host servers in your environment are configured to use the new license server, deactivate the old license server.
  8. Uninstall the Remote Desktop Licensing role service from the old license server.


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