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Ironport LDAP query to IBM Notes / Domino

Issue: You need to configure your Ironport to run LDAP queries against your IBM Lotus Domino environment for the purpose of checking if a recipient is valid. Steps: 1) Open the Ironport LDAP Settings Profile The "Base DN" will be automaticly populated with the Hostname.  However, the Base DN should be empty for "normal" Lotus Domino Domains. In very large complex environments the Base DN can be used to help reduce the results from the ldap query 2) Configure the accept query, which will Read more [...]

Setup Barracuda Open LDAP to Lotus Notes/Domino

I recently worked on a Barracuda / Lotus environment.  Below is what you need to know to get Barracuda LDAP authentication going against the Lotus environment: Lotus Domino receiving messages for one domain: LDAP username: username@domain.com LDAP filter: (|(mail=${recipient_email})(cn=${recipient_local_part})(shortname=${recipient_local_part})(fullname=${recipient_local_part})) Lotus Domino receiving messages for two domains: If your Lotus Domino server receives messages for two domains, Read more [...]