Setup Barracuda Open LDAP to Lotus Notes/Domino

I recently worked on a Barracuda / Lotus environment.  Below is what you need to know to get Barracuda LDAP authentication going against the Lotus environment:

Lotus Domino receiving messages for one domain:
LDAP username:
LDAP filter:

Lotus Domino receiving messages for two domains:
If your Lotus Domino server receives messages for two domains, but theName and Address book is only configured with a single Internetaddress for each user, use the following filter so LDAP can authenticateboth domains:

Example: can receive mail addressed OR and performing anLDAP test works on but fails Using this filter enables LDAP to authenticate both domains


Screenshots of production Barracuda running LDAP queries against Lotus Notes/Domino Environment:
Barracuda Open LDAP Settings


LDAP Search Base: ${defaultNamingContext}
LDAP Filter: (|(mail=${recipient_email})(cn=${recipient_local_part})(cn=${recipient_email}))


Didn’t opt to use LDAP for ‘Relay Using Authentication‘.  Instead opted for SMTP AUTH Proxy





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