Setup Barracuda Open LDAP to Lotus Notes/Domino

I recently worked on a Barracuda / Lotus environment.  Below is what you need to know to get Barracuda LDAP authentication going against the Lotus environment:

Lotus Domino receiving messages for one domain:
LDAP username: [email protected]
LDAP filter:

Lotus Domino receiving messages for two domains:
If your Lotus Domino server receives messages for two domains, but theName and Address book is only configured with a single Internetaddress for each user, use the following filter so LDAP can authenticateboth domains:

Example: [email protected] can receive mail addressed [email protected] OR [email protected] and performing anLDAP test works on [email protected] but fails [email protected] Using this filter enables LDAP to authenticate both domains


Screenshots of production Barracuda running LDAP queries against Lotus Notes/Domino Environment:
Barracuda Open LDAP Settings


LDAP Search Base: ${defaultNamingContext}
LDAP Filter: (|(mail=${recipient_email})(cn=${recipient_local_part})(cn=${recipient_email}))


Didn’t opt to use LDAP for ‘Relay Using Authentication‘.  Instead opted for SMTP AUTH Proxy





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