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Move Mailbox Failing: Insufficient access rights to perform the operation (INSUFF_ACCESS_RIGHTS)

The following is a common issue when moving mailboxes (New-MoveRequest) from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007/2010.  This issue is caused by the end users AD account / mailbox missing certain permissions which allow the administrator account and system to modify and move the mailbox.  This issue is scarcely documented, but can be easily corrected by forcing the AD account to inherit permissions.  Many migration issues are caused by permissions issues resulting from the 'inherit permissions' checkbox Read more [...]

The Checkbox of Doom

There are many issues that come up in exchange which are fixed by an undocumented checkbox procedure (see very bottom of post for an examples of issues).  I call this checkbox, The Checkbox of Doom as it is responsible for many failed move-mailbox requests as well as causing mobile devices to stop receiving mail after mailboxes are migrated (iPhone mail shows as connected to server but inbox is empty). 2021 Update: "The Checkbox Polymorph'ed Self" You find yourself in a dungeon and your head hurts. Read more [...]