Exchange 2013 SP1 deployment checklist

Exchange 2013 SP1 was released on 2-24-14 and promises to resolve the frustrating Windows XP compatibility issues that affected both Outlook and Public Folders for XP users on Exchange 2013 CU3.

I have installed Exchange 2013 SP1 on one major customer so far and have had no issues thus far.  Exchange 2013 SP1 is a major update to Exchange 2013 and requires changes to AD and the AD Schema.

It took me approximately 3-4 hours to upgrade two Exchange 2013 Servers from CU3 to SP1.  Plan your maintenance windows accordingly.

Exchange 2013 SP1 install/upgrade checklist:

**Warning 3-21-14**: if you have third party software that integrates with the Exchange Transport Service (Spam Filter, Fax, etc) then SP1 may break the integration.  You will need this post SP1 patch:
**Update 6-2-14**: Exchange 2013 CU5 is now available and contains the Transport fix mentioned above.

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