How to Install Dell Firmware+Bios updates ESXi hosts

Issue: you need to install Dell Firmware and Bios Updates on a VMWare ESXi host server.

How to Install individual Dell Firmware / Bios updates using DOS USB Bootable.  For example I installed H800 firmware update using this method: “How to create a Bootable USB Pen drive / Flash USB key using the DELL Diagnostics Utility”

Alternatively you can create an Install package of multiple updates by creating bootable Dell repository.

Update 5-4-2016,
these steps may be simpler and more up to date:
Article mentions using LifeCycle repair package to update iDRAC and LifeCycle controller before updating all firmwares, here is newest version of LCC Repair I could find:
However I think the following steps could be easier to update the iDRAC and LifeCycle controller:

Note: I choose linux for OS so that creates a bootable repository that I will use to update an ESXi Host).
Once the bootable linux repository ISO is created, use Unetbootin to create a bootable thumb drive from the ISO.  Boot from the USB key (F11 for PowerEdge Bootmanager), select choice “1” from the blue Unetbootin boot screen.
Note: the repository update process may appear to hang at “starting udev”, simply wait several minutes and it will eventually move forward.
Note: You may see error “Fatal: module ipmi_msghandler not found dell”.  Again just be patient and wait several minutes, the update process will continue.

Install updates for older poweredge servers using bootable repository, for example PowerEdge 1950:
Open Dell Repository Manager (Datacenter Edition)
Click Source dropdown, select Search Dell Support Site
Select Brand, Model, click Search
Now you can narrow down the results on the left with the checkboxes
Select checkbox of what you want, click export, then name the new repository
When its done in the job’s queue.  Go to my repositories, then open, then you can burn the ISO



One thought on “How to Install Dell Firmware+Bios updates ESXi hosts

  1. The Masked Onion

    Thank you for posting this.

    Our R510’s were stuck on LC firmware 1.2.57 and just wouldn’t update. installed the 1.7.5 you linked and now everyhing is updaing correctly.


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