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The best way to install Exchange Update Rollups

I have had problematic Exchange 2010 and 2007 rollup installations due to security permission issues: -The update rollup failing in the middle (can be very painful to cleanup) -The rollup appears to install successfully, but Exchange is not working and all the services are disabled These issues can be prevented by running the update rollup installation 'as administrator'.  That said, when you right click on the update rollup package "run as administrator" is not an option! Here is how to Read more [...]

How to install Windows Updates on DAG Members

Special steps are required when ndexnstalling Windows Updates and Rollups on Exchange DAG members.  This article explains the best way to install Windows Updates.  There is a different procedure required when installing Exchange Update Rollups on DAG Members. Steps to Install Windows Updates on Exchange DAG members: On the first server you are applying Windows Updates perform the following: 1) Perform server Switchover so that the server you are installing the updates on is not active: Read more [...]

Exchange 2010 Rollup taking forever: “Setup Wizard is generating native images for .NET assemblies”

Have you noticed the .NET assemblies portion of an Exchange Rollup installation takes a very long time?  This is due to a check against the certificate revocation list for each .NET assembly that is compiled.  This wait time is even more extreme in the case of servers without internet access as each revocation list check must time out before it moves on to the next. I discovered a fix which helps significantly:  Temporarily, turning off the certificate revocation list check before running Read more [...]