How to copy receive connector IP list from one connector to another

Issue: You’d like to copy the allowed IP address list from one Receive Connector to another.  I’ve found myself in this situation when I was creating identical receiving connectors on multiple Exchange servers or wanting to copy the long allowed IP list from a legacy Exchange  server to a new Exchange 2013 server.

Solution: Using the following powershell commands you can copy the IP addresses from one receive connector to another

set-ReceiveConnector “MAILSVR2\anonymous relay connector MAILSVR2” -RemoteIPRanges ( Get-ReceiveConnector “MAILSVR1\anonymous relay connector MAILSVR1” ).RemoteIPRanges

This command will copy the IP address list from the receive connector called “anonymous relay connector” on MAILSVR1 to the receive connector by the same name on MAILSVR2.
Note: this command will replace the existing list of IP addresses in the target receive connector.

The following command is useful for testing to make sure you can successful pull the IP Ranges list from the source receive connector:

( Get-ReceiveConnector “MAILSVR1\anonymous relay connector MAILSVR1” ).RemoteIPRanges


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