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“[WARNING] Failed to query SPN registration on DC” | Domain Controller Stops Replicating Pt. 2

This article is our second part of our three part series, continuing where we left off in our last article: Domain Controller no longer replicating Pt. 1 — “Replication has been explicitly disabled…”.  Our previous steps have brought us closer to resolving the replication issues on our Los Angeles Domain Controller, however issues still remain. Now I will walk you through tackling: DCDIAG / NETDIAG shows Time Service is stopped and Netlogon service is paused "[WARNING] Failed to Read more [...]

The Checkbox of Doom

There are many issues that come up in exchange which are fixed by an undocumented checkbox procedure (see very bottom of post for an examples of issues).  I call this checkbox, The Checkbox of Doom as it is responsible for many failed move-mailbox requests as well as causing mobile devices to stop receiving mail after mailboxes are migrated (iPhone mail shows as connected to server but inbox is empty). 2021 Update: "The Checkbox Polymorph'ed Self" You find yourself in a dungeon and your head hurts. Read more [...]

Domain Controller no longer replicating Pt. 1 “Replication has been explicitly disabled”

Issue: Domain Controller in Los Angeles site hasn’t replicated for over a month The first step is to run DCDIAG from the command prompt (right click run as administrator).  Amongst other errors DCDIAG reveals that Inbound and Outbound Replication is Disabled: Testing server: LosAngeles\STAR Starting test: Replications [Replications Check,STAR] Inbound replication is disabled. To correct, run "repadmin /options STAR -DISABLE_INBOUND_REPL" [Replications Check,STAR] Outbound replication Read more [...]