How to add email address domain to IronPort whitelist

In an IronPort, the “WHITELIST” is sender group is linked to the TRUSTED Mail Flow Policy.   The TRUSTED policy contains reduced restrictions and is not scanned for Spam.  Note: IronPort reputation IP filters are still in affect, however the false positive rate on the reputation based filtering is less than one in one million.

To add an email domain to the Whitelist sender group, click Mail Policies > HAT Overview

IronPort HAT Overview

Click “Whitelist”

IronPort Whitelist Sender Group

Click Add Sender


Enter the email address domain or IP Address of the senders mail server and click Submit

IronPort add sender to whitelist

Remember to Commit Changes

IronPort Commit Changes


That should do it, I hope you found this post helpful for using the WhiteList feature of the IronPort.


4 thoughts on “How to add email address domain to IronPort whitelist

  1. Eduardo Huerta

    This is entirely wrong!!. In the HAT you are adding HOSTS and not domains!! (the name states this even; HOST ACCESS TABLE, and not DOMAIN ACCESS TABLE).

    To whitelist a domain you need to know the hostname of the sending domain (putting in simple, the MX record(s)). You can also put the IP address of the sending host.

    1. Chris Post author

      Yes you should be able to add a single email address, highlight the question mark in the screen where you are adding a sender and it will show you the different formats it accepts.


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