Crypto Exchange

Many of the most interesting super small cap coins as of late have been handled almost exclusively by (  Coins like MED and QASH.  I've found the user interface very workable and have enjoyed using the exchange.  I'd love to see Coinigy integration, that said again has been very easy to trade on. Pro's: I love how most of the small cap coins on this site once they gain any popularity are offered with USDT trading pairs.  This is very very cool and very hard Read more [...]

KuCoin Exchange

KuCoin is rapidly rising in popularity.  They seem to be following in the footsteps of Binance in numerous ways.  For one their creative approach to releasing their own coin which is used as a reward for behaviors they view as positive, gamifying or 'achivementizing' the Exchange to a degree.  Secondly their popularity arc mimics Binance's rapid rise to success.  I'm noticing that some trade tips are surfacing for coins only carried or primarily carried on KuCoin.  With the recent Korea "FUD" Read more [...]