Proper way to install Windows (or other) OS on Dell PowerEdge Server

If you have an 11G or newer Dell Server (for example R61x, R71x, R81x) then you should use the Dell LifeCycle Controller:

Step 1) Update the LifeCycle controller OS drivers pack:
The Dell LifeCycle controller keeps a set of up to date drivers that will be used by the operating system during install.

Step 2) Install the OS:
launch the Dell LifeCycle Controller, select the OS you wish to install and follow the onscreen instructions.  The LifeCycle controller will slipstream Dell drivers into the OS installation (it’s a good thing you updated those in step 1).
Note: the Dell LifeCycle controller OS driver pack will copy drivers from it’s internal repository to a temporary folder that is used by the OS installation.  This temp folder is deleted/removed after 18 hours or upon power cycle of the system.

If you have an PowerEdge Server 10G or older (for example a PowerEdge 2950), you should use the Dell System Build and Update Utility (SBUU): 

Step 1)


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