guid passed not recognized by wmi provider – iSCSI

Issue: When trying to add an iscsi target via MS iSCSI Initiator using Quick Connect you receive the error: “the guid passed was not recognized as valid by a wmi data provider”

Background: I had a customer with an existing iSCSI storage deployment using a dell MD3000i.  They added a new LUN on the MD3000i and then attempted to initialize and format the volume in Windows disk management the new volume would not show up.  Further inspection showed that MS iSCSI initiator settings were completely empty.  When attempting to re-add the iSCSI target the aforementioned error was received in the bottom pane.

Troubleshooting and investigation: I checked on another server and it’s MS iSCSI initiator is populated and looks fine.  I restarted the Windows Management Instrumentation service on the problem server, since the error mentioned “WMI”.  I then looked at the iSCSI initiator which had been left open, and it showed the storage target again.  I closed and re-opened the MS iSCSI initiator and it was again completely empty.

Conclusion and impact: It appears there is some glitch in WMI or the iSCSI initiator.  Existing iSCSI connections from this server are functioning and end users are not impacted, but we cannot add new volumes in disk management.

Next steps: This being a Hyper-V server, we are going to transition all guests to another Hyper-V host and reboot this particular Hyper-V host.


3 thoughts on “guid passed not recognized by wmi provider – iSCSI

    1. Chris Harris Post author

      It appeared to be flapping over a lot period of time. At one point, when it was populated correctly my customer got in and made the changes the needed to make. I believe the only workaround is a reboot of the host (painful on a host right..). If you find any other solutions or find that a reboot helps in your case please post an update, I’d really appreciate it.


      1. Witek

        It’s been a long time, but maybe somebody will make any use of this.

        You need to restart both iSCSI services:
        Microsoft iSCSI Software Target
        Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service|
        It worked, at least in my case.


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