Office 365: hybrid-mode, ADFS, Single Sign On, DirSync

The target mailbox doesn‎’t have an SMTP proxy matching ‎*‎

Issue: migration of mailbox from on premise exchange to exchange online fails with the following error: Error: MigrationPermanentException: The target mailbox doesn‎'t have an SMTP proxy matching ‎'‎'. --> The target mailbox doesn‎'t have an SMTP proxy matching ‎‎'.   Diagnosis: review the email addresses of the account you're trying to move to see if its stamped with a * Read more [...]

move mailboxes from on-premise Exchange to Office 365 Exchange Online in Hybrid Configuration

Move on-premises Exchange Mailboxes mailboxes to Exchange Online (Office 365) Open the Exchange Admin Center, and then navigate to Office 365 > Recipients > Migration. Click Add , and then select Migrate to Exchange Online. On the Select a migration type page, select Remote move migration and then click Next. On the Select the users page, click Add   and select the on-premises users to move to Office 365 and click Add and then click OK. Click Next. Read more [...]

Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell

If you are running Windows 2012 R2 or higher you can jump straight to running the commands.  If you are running an older version of Windows Server then you will need to install WMF 4.0.  You'll also need to enable remote-signed powershell scripts for the below commands to work. Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell: Initiate a prompt in which you enter your Office 365 admin credentials: $UserCredential = Get-Credential Prep to import the office 365 powershell commandlets: $Session = Read more [...]

How to recover deleted mailbox items in Office 365

Occasionally, Office 365 users will delete important mailbox items accidentally. Fortunately, in most cases such items can be recovered for a short period of time after their deletion. In this article we will discuss what happens when mailbox items are deleted and the circumstances required to successfully recover them. What happens when mailbox items are deleted? When Office 365 end users soft-delete (Ctrl+D) an item from their mailbox, it goes to the Deleted Items folder from which it can Read more [...]

manually run AD Directory Sync (DirSync) with Office 365

Issue:  You need to manually force DirSync to run in order to Sync your on-premise AD with Office 365's Azure AD. Note: This article was written for environments using Azure Active Directory Sync "DirSync".  If you are Azure AD Connect, here are the steps to manually sync using Azure AD Connect. Solution: Run a sync using powershell 1) Run PowerShell as Administrator 2) type: cd\ 3) type: cd “program files\Windows Azure Active Directory Sync” 4) type: Start-OnlineCoexistenceSync Read more [...]