Cisco IronPort ESA

Cisco IronPort Email Security Appliance (ESA)

How to Setup SSL Cert on IronPort

Issue: You would like to setup a third-party SSL certificate on your Ironport Email Security Appliance to facilitate IronPort TLS encryption of messages and HTTPS encryption for IronPort quarantine and admin pages. Background: The IronPort does include a self-signed certificate, however a self-signed cert is not generated by a Certificate Authority recognized by mail servers and web browsers. You will need to buy an SSL certificate from a recognized third party certificate authority like GoDaddy(25%OFF), or Read more [...]

Ironport Cluster Setup and Configuration

Ironport clustering allows one to configure a single IronPort and automatically replicate the configuration in realtime to the remaining IronPort's.  In terms of IronPort fail-over, in absence of a load balancer, one should review their internet DNS MX records, setting the MX to a lower preference value for the primary ironport and additional MX records with higher preference values for secondary IronPorts. Setting up clustering: Whichever Ironport has the cluster created on it becomes the Read more [...]