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Keeping your phone or mobile device safe when traveling abroad

I recent reviewed an article about US Customs requiring a NASA employee to unlock their phone and taking a data dump of the device. This was of great concern to a law firm client of mine.  I drafted the following guidance: I reviewed the article, that is concerning that they force individuals to unlock the phone, as that's always been the best defense in the past and is the means in which the device is encrypted. The only way around this I see is to delete your mail accounts (under settings) Read more [...]

Personal IT Security Guide

Much focus is placed on the IT security of business.  However, this guide focuses on your personal IT security which can impact all areas of life including your businesses.  This guide is by no means exhaustive, however it does focus on key areas I feel are most important to cover in the initial securing of your digital life. Services to secure with Two Factor Authentication: iCloud Google Banking Financial Sites Yahoo Account / Yahoo Mail (if you use that garbage) DropBox Why? Read more [...]

How to specify OpenDNS DNS Server addresses on Mac to avoid Virus and Malware

OpenDNS is an extremely easy to deploy and affective security measure.  By specifying OpenDNS DNS IP addresses your internet DNS queries are less likely to return the addresses of malicious websites and software.  Below are easy instructions for specifying OpenDNS IP addresses on your mac. Apple > system preferences > Network > select Wifi or Ethernet >  Advanced > DNS > click plus sign under DNS Servers, add one of the below OpenDNS Server addresses.  Click Plus sign again Read more [...]

Convert PEM certificate.cer and private.key to PKCS#12 (.pfx .p12)

Issue: You need to create a composite .pfx certificate file package. Background and pre-requisites: The first steps in your journey should have been to create a certificate request, submit this request to a certificate authority (CA) like GoDaddy or Comodo, and finally download the completed certificate from the CA. The following steps assume you have successfully downloaded a certificate package from your certificate authority. The following example command shows what to do with all the files Read more [...]

Firefox security error when visiting the NCRS National Credit Reporting Service

Issue: When using the National Credit Report Service Website (, or the Matrix System you may receive a security error in FireFox "Secure Connection Failed".  This is due to the SSL Certificate in use being SHA-1 and no longer accepted by FireFox 36 and above. Solution: In order to accept the certificate in use by NCRS, we need to set FireFox to allow older certificate versions: 1) In the firefox address bar type: about:config 2) click "I'll be careful I Read more [...]