How to move SQL 2016 TEMP2 TempDB

Moving your TempDB locations should be performed outside production. Check Current Temp DB Locations: SELECT name, physical_name AS CurrentLocation FROM sys.master_files WHERE database_id = DB_ID(N'tempdb'); GO Move the Temp2 or any additional Temp databases: USE master; GO ALTER DATABASE tempdb MODIFY FILE (NAME = temp2, FILENAME = 'T:\MSSQL\DATA\tempdb_mssql_2.ndf'); GO Check Current Temp DB Locations again: SELECT name, physical_name AS CurrentLocation FROM sys.master_files WHERE Read more [...]

How to disable Office 365’s Outlook Junk Email Filter

Issue: After deploying Office 365 you find that your end users are complaining about specific emails going into the Junk folder in Outlook. Background/Applicability: You are continuing to use a third party spam filter solution and this solution sits in front of Office 365.  Prior to Office 365 Junk Email in Outlook was not enabled.  You do not desire to use Office 365 Spam Filtering given your existing Spam Solution. Solution: Read more [...]

Manually running an Azure AD Connect Sync (Delta’s)

Do the following on a the Azure AD Connect Server to Sync Delta Changes Check status of any outstanding sync's processes to see if any are currently running: Get-ADSyncConnectorRunStatus Note: if you get an error that the command is not available, import the module w the following command: Import the AD Sync Module: Import-Module ADSync Kickoff a manual directory sync: Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Delta Additional helpful commands View current sync schedule: Get-ADSyncScheduler Resources: Initial Read more [...]

Keeping your phone or mobile device safe when traveling abroad

I recent reviewed an article about US Customs requiring a NASA employee to unlock their phone and taking a data dump of the device. This was of great concern to a law firm client of mine.  I drafted the following guidance: I reviewed the article, that is concerning that they force individuals to unlock the phone, as that's always been the best defense in the past and is the means in which the device is encrypted. The only way around this I see is to delete your mail accounts (under settings) Read more [...]

The target mailbox doesn‎’t have an SMTP proxy matching ‎*‎

Issue: migration of mailbox from on premise exchange to exchange online fails with the following error: Error: MigrationPermanentException: The target mailbox doesn‎'t have an SMTP proxy matching ‎'‎'. --> The target mailbox doesn‎'t have an SMTP proxy matching ‎‎'.   Diagnosis: review the email addresses of the account you're trying to move to see if its stamped with a * Read more [...]